Jenvel Official Site - Contestant

Jenvel Official Site - Contestant

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Telegram @JenvelOfficial Linkedin X Instagram @itsJenvel Note I do not actively use any platforms today yet except for Telegram, as I plan to collaborate with the team and really believe in their platform. They have exceptional features for privacy that no other app has in the world.


If you want to solve aging, biohacking is simply not enough. That is why I work in aging biotechnology as well on the business side, to learn more about this field you can join our Telegram group at

⚡️My Checklist

This is a bit outdated, sorry, but I will be updating this soon. Join our Telegram group to meet like minded people into Longevity:

My Exercise

Grocery/ Meal Delivery Services

What do I do before eating?

Sleep/Night Time




AT-home Comprehensive blood test collection

Standard Blood Panel



🔬CBC with Differential and platelets

🧬 Lipid panel

💧 Kidney Function Panel

🧪 Liver Function Panel 🩸 Blood Glucose Panel

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Longevity GPT

Talk to your blood test report

Once you get your blood test report, just chat with LongevityGPT on whatsapp that is constantly searching for new knowledge from the research work on the internet to give you up to date analysis

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The Questions people ask me

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to Get on the ?

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How to best contact me?

Sending a Telegram video message to me at @jenvelofficial.

What is ageless 2035?

It’s a community of 1000+ people to co-ordinate and solve the toughest problems to reach longevity Escape velocity by 2035, however it is also just an expanding Social Network


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